Frequencies and Pain Relief

What in the world do we mean about frequencies and how does it relate to health and pain relief? Excellent question and that is exactly what today's latest blog will explain. Everything gives off a frequency. A frequency is basically an energy wave. You see, energy is neither created or destroyed rather it is transferred from one object to another. Our cells give off tremendous energy. The food we eat, the emotions we feel all affect our bodies because of...... you guessed it frequencies. Now there are good kinds of frequencies and there are bad kinds that can be harmful to our cells. We are only as healthy as our cells. The good kinds of frequencies would be from nature, positive thoughts, whole foods, clean water, etc. The bad kinds many of us are exposed to on a daily basis in our modern times would be microwaves, high definition T.V.'s, cell phones and cell phone towers, which by the way are getting worse, especially with these 5G cell phone towers popping up all over the place seemingly overnight(more about this as more details arise), power lines many of us live closeby to, computers, tablets, wifi, bluetooth, routers, negative thoughts and emotions, etc. These harmful frequencies can disrupt normal cellular activity and even cause mutations, ie. cancer, cause mood disorders, disrupt our microbiome(our gut bacteria), and just be overall harmful to our health.

The good kind of frequencies which we mentioned earlier helps us to enjoy thriving health and keeps our cells happy. Another kind of good frequency comes from what some refer to as "grounding" or another term is "earthing". This is when your bare feet actually touch the surface of the earth, like walking barefoot on the grass outside of your home or taking a stroll on the beach. When we do this we soak up the earth's gravitational energy or electrons and it is very healing to our bodies and our cells. You see we humans are connected directly to the earth and our cells expect the things our ancient ancestors gave them, like walking on the earth's surface barefoot and eating fruits and vegetables right from the land, drinking fresh water and obtaining plenty of natural sunlight. Unfortunately, in these modern times more and more of us live in urban areas rather than rural so we don't get to enjoy this way of living. We can however enjoy the good kinds of frequencies in other, creative ways and decrease our exposure to the bad kinds.

That's why we offer our P.E.M.F. mat service. This stands for Pulsated Electromagnetic Frequency(There's that word again). This is a simple mat which contains magnetic coils that you lay on and relax. Many of our clients fall right asleep. We set it on a 30 minute, whole-body frequency which allows you to soak up similar frequency you would get from "grounding". This helps with improving blood circulation and is excellent for pain relief! We also recommend further cleansing of the cells right afterwards by doing either an ionic detox footbath or an infared sauna treatment. You may enter our center in pain and stressed out but you are leaving  either way floating and with no pain. We can personally attest to this. Whenever we are feeling achy or sore we know exactly what to do; lay on the mat for 30 minutes and hop into a footbath or sauna and it does the trick each and every time. So we practice what we preach. Learn more about frequencies and how it can benefit you or call us up to schedule your appointments today!